This dynamic duo are sister activists in the Black community. When I first met them at the Project Embrace Afrovisibility in the Workplace event, they had a lot to say and I knew immediately that their powerful message would spread far and wide with ease. Just over five years ago, both women underwent the big chop and have since been advocating for other Afro-Caribbean women to do the same. Experiencing the many challenges that come with embracing one’s own natural hair, and being pressed with questions and concerns from the women they encountered about what it was like; the Okonkwo sisters co-wrote their first book Before We Become Extinct to help aid others in the process of their transition.

The book is a quick and simple read, outlining the reasons why it is important to fall in love with our hair in its natural state and how viewing true wellbeing as holistic is the key to a Black woman’s authentic beauty. Packed with honest insight and practical advice, this is the perfect accompaniment for anyone on a journey back to self – particularly those who are still feeling hesitant or uninformed. The best thing about this book is its strong confidence building rhetoric delivered with a soft and almost conversational tone. The Okonkwo Sisters feel just like your big sisters when you read them; their words are a pep talk and they stay rooting for you to win. The compact nature of the book means you can read it again and again, whenever or if ever your mood dips and you need a boost to your self-acceptance along the way.

Davina Okonkwo is a published author currently working on a fiction trilogy titled The Salzburg Saga. Her stories always feature characters who demonstrate the strength of the human spirit. Tracey Okonkwo is a certified living foods practitioner who is passionate about health and wellness at all levels. She teaches healing through healthy eating and liv

s clean.

Before We Become Extinct is a small book with a big message; one that every Black women deserve to receive. Pick up your copy as soon as you can!

Rating: 4 Stars

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