Synthetic hair doesn’t mean cheap hair that goes in the trash after one use, nor does it have to look less fabulous just because it didn’t break the bank. Sassie Immy shows us how to give our tired wigs life again in our 4 part series on why every woman should have a premium synthetic hair collection.

Using a 6 months old premium synthetic hair wig from Wiggit, with the help of London based hair stylist, Sassie Immy, in Part 2 of our ‘How To Care For Your Premium Synthetic Hair To Last Longer’ tutorial, we show you how to wash and store your synthetic hair to make it look amazing and last longer.

Tips To Keep Your Wiggit Fresh:

  1. How often you wash your hair depends on how often you wear your wig
  2. While the ‘use fabric softener’ tip  might refreshes your wig, it doesn’t necessarily extend the life of your wig- find shampoo products that are designed to keep your wig in good condition!
  3. Do not scrub! Thats what the product is for!
  4. turn your wig’s cap inside out to store it (especially if you have more than one wiggit wig!) and protect it from dust by sealing it in a silk bag.

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