Scrolling through endless pages of Instagram accounts, I came across @slipintostyle. I follow a lot of Instagram accounts and some excellent content creators, but I was instantly fixated on Ellie’s account. It mixes her Caribbean heritage with high street and designer fashion in an artful way. It’s a very photogenic account at first glance.

Her style is effortless but chic. Pretty but also quirky. And her Instagram feed depicits her in only the most tasteful outfits posed against elegant Parisian streets.

Her Instagram account was started just one year ago and within 12 months, she’s managed to grow her following to 25k. She is also associated with Amazon’s new brand, Official Find as a model and influencer. She’s definitely one to watch!

Her also uses Instagram highlights to her advantage posting ‘Try on hauls’, ‘Unboxings’ and ‘Styling Ideas’ in the form of videos and pictures so her content is super engaging.

As well as concentrating on her fashion aspect, she can also be classed as a lifestyle figure with story times available to be viewed on her account.

Definitely give Ellie a follow while you can. At Glam Africa HQ, we love her content!

You can check her Instagram account at @slipintostyle.

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