Poetic right? The name alone was enough to draw me to Novel Beauty. (Yes, I am a complete book worm!) This British-Nigerian owned business, aims to recreate the pleasure of reading  in an outer body experience. Combining the sense of touch and smell, Novel Beauty encourages the exploitation of your body, as one would read a book.

Your body tells your story. We create unisex natural skincare products to make this connection in our daily lives. We use essential oils because they respond to you. They stimulate your senses & help you remember that your story matters.

Poor Man’s Rose is the perfect gift for the rich of heart. It includes the chapters Stream of Consciousness – a raw sugar scrub for the one thousand and one thoughts and feelings that pass through the mind daily. It is a sensuously aromatic blend, which polishes and conditions the skin with the dark earthiness of raw cane sugar and Shea butter, whilst also playing on your senses with papaya fruit and grape seed oil. And Platonic Dialogue – a daylight cream, that inspires you to find yourself through your own reasoning. With an abundance of vitamins from Aloe Vera, seaweed, sesame, apricot and geranium rose oil.

I’ve been using Poor Man’s Rose for the past week now and I am absolutely in love with it! Most scrubs I’ve tried just cannot get the balance of oils to salt right; it is either heavily oiled and overly moisturising or overpowered with salts which dry out the skin. However  Stream of Consciousness Raw Cane Sugar Srcub masters the perfect balance. (An admirer of Virginia Woolf, the mistress of this  technique, its not at all ironic that I should like Stream of Consciousness as both a literary device and a scrub.)

This scrub is the perfect scent for the holiday season, it literally smells like mince pies. Accompanying The Stream of Consciousness in this set, is the Platonic Dialogue. With a gentle, more subtle smell, its soft texture is the perfect follow up to the scrub.

This set the ideal gift for the avid reader and the skin care guru. Its luxuriant moisturising ability is perfect for replenishing the harsh effects the cooler weather has on our skin. But the experience of reading your body is even more enhanced when all your senses are used indulged. My suggestion?

  • Take out an evening this week, before the madness of Christmas weekend, to relax. If you’re stressed before the festivities it’s very likely that you’ll be stressed during them, no one wants that.
  • Indulge in Sound: Put on some relaxing music. Try some Somi, Sade or Solange’s A Seat At The Table.
  • Indulge in Smell and Sight: Light some scented candles. The aroma and the dimmed lights will create a softer ambiance. Novel Beauty’s Burn For Me | La Vie En Rose would work perfectly here.

Scents ignite memories: a touch, a kiss, an embrace…Your autobiography starts here.

  • Indulge in Taste: Be it chocolates, champagne, or, my personal favourites, macaroons, indulge in something which tastes like the mood you are trying to recreate.
  • Indulge in Touch: The Poor Man’s Rose does this for you, combining the granular texture of the scrub with the satin touch of the day light cream.

This set is so indulgent, you probably won’t want to give it away (we won’t judge). I, for one, cannot wait to build up my Novel  Beauty library.

Have a look at the other Novel Beauty sets here. You may find more than one way of reading your skin.

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