Now there is no doubt that the natural movement community have been at the forefront of the blogging world, from bloggers such as Aisha from My Fro & I, Crystal Afro and Natural Belle going back to their roots and dishing out chemically processed methods, in exchange for a more natural technique to style their fro’s.

For those who have recently been transitioning from wearing weaves and using relaxers, we know how hard the first stage must be, that is why below we have three easy styles for you to replicate for your curly wurlys.

  1. The front flat Twist

This is probably the easiest style if you don’t have too much time on your hands each morning, but you still want to make an effort for your day.

Simply part out one inch of hair from the front and tie the remaining hair up – start at one end and twist away to the other end. Don’t forget to add your favourite hair oil/moisture – water will also simply do the trick as it it extremely hydrating for the hair. Slick up your edges with a style gel, our favourite is Dr Miracle, or soft and free styling gel, which comes in a black bottle.

front flat twist2
2. The Mohawk Twist out

This style is a real favourite and a great protective style for the cold weather!

Take your comb and part down to around a quarter of your head, adding a hair moisture of choice. Next, take the hair which you have just parted and make tiny twists, with the remaining un parted hair tied away.

Tie up before you go to bed, and in the morning untwist to give that beautiful fresh wave which also makes the hair look thicker. Tie up the remaining of the parted hair with a hairband or clip and then you are ready to go!

mohawk twist out


3. Braid Updo

This style should probably be done the night before if you know you have limited time in the morning, as it requires patience and looks best when it is at its neatest.

Take your parting comb, and part on two sides of your head, leaving a little space in between each side. Next is the fun bit, I personally prefer twists but you can plait the hair also. So I would twist up the parted hair all way to the top centre of my head on one side, and then repeat on the second parted side, using a bobby pin of course to keep the hair in place. The remaining of the hair at the front can be left as normal or for added style can be twisted or plaited depending on what really ticks your fancy.

Gel up your edges and you are ready for your day that lies ahead!

braid up do


Do any of you have any Glam guides that we should be following religiously?

Let us know how you style your natural hair!

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