Another day another Lupita Nyong’o editorial. Looks like all the publications cannot get enough of the Kenyan superstar. The black beauty is  The Guardian’s muse.

If you think Lupita holds her self in high esteem then she is here to prove you wrong, the Star Wars superstar says..

”These worlds are created by human beings, and at the end of the day they are created to illuminate something about us. So, under all the makeup, it’s just human relationships and wants and desires. All we know is how to be human and the way we take in the world that isn’t human is also human”



lupita-nyongo-by-erik-madigan-heck-for-the-guardian-2-700x420 lupita-nyongo-by-erik-madigan-heck-for-the-guardian-1 lupita-nyongo-by-erik-madigan-heck-for-the-guardian

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