Since ‘just leave it alone’ is the best advice I’ve ever received for growing my afro long, thick and healthy; my go-to protective style is now…drumroll, please…THE WIG. Gone are the days this was only suitable for and associated with the middle-aged auntie attending church on a Sunday. Wigs are now more cutting edge and innovative than ever before; many of the lace fronts, boasting multiple partings and available in textures, colours and styles that could easily be taken for natural. With my collection quickly expanding and great results showing in the length retention and general condition of my fro as of late, I decided to try out one of Freddie Harrel’s Big Hair No Care products (because there’s no way that’s NOT her hair, right?

The Zero Drama Queen lace front wig comes in three lengths, three different colours and is super affordable, ranging from £129-£139. I go bold and select the ‘Ombre’ 18 inches since I’ve always wanted to experiment with colour but worried about damaging my hair.

The packaging is bright, funky and complete with all the instructions so I can’t go wrong with my first installation. There’s also a handy instruction video on the website. The wig comes in tightly packed curls that you need to tease and unpick to your desired afro fullness. Done once, it is ready to wear again and again without further effort.

The hair matches my own texture perfectly but because it’s synthetic, doesn’t feel as smooth to the touch. It has a deep side parting which looks pretty but it can also be parted anywhere along the front thanks to the flexibility of its additional 4cms of lace. Nevermind glue or any kind of hair pinning wahala; the Zero Drama Queen has three combs at the front and an adjustable elastic strap at the back so once fitted, it sits securely and I feel confident that it won’t fall off or slip backwards.

What I love most about this wig is that it looks so big and so natural! People are assuming I have dyed my own hair which is great because little do they know it’s actually cornrowed and moisturised safely beneath. Where most synthetic wigs can feel itchy after a while of wear; I suffer almost no discomfort throughout the day which is likely because of the Swiss lace it’s made out of instead of the usual cheap stuff of one or two other high street brands. For the even more tender scalp than my own, you can always pair with a wig cap.

VERDICT:  [Five Stars]

So if you’re looking to give your hair a break without breaking the bank,  but still want to look like your naturally beautiful self then shop Big Hair No Care now! You’re going to love it! [Please insert live links as shown]

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