When searching for a foundation there are two things that matter most to me and that’s a) the colour match and b) the matte factor. You see, to my mind, there is nothing un-prettier than being shiny in the wrong shade and I am willing to part with pretty much any amount of money to land my kind of flawless finish. So when T.W.O.K’s 12-hour custom Kolor matte foundation was recommended to me, at a steal for just £16.99, I decided to put it to the test.


The Woman of Kolor, or T.W.O.K, is a relatively young cosmetics brand based in London which caters specifically to women higher in melanin content. It boasts a range of allergen-free lip colours, nail polishes, eyelashes and foundations with shipping all over the world. I decide to try the foundation on a couple of hot summer days, since it claims to do what a studio camera filter does which harmonizes the skin’s tone and colour under intense heat and light, leaving nothing but radiance. So let’s see…

There are ten shades and mine is kolor 190, second from the last. To maintain a matte look all day long no matter the weather, I normally make sure to apply a primer before my base and touch up regularly with a mineral veil or translucent powder. But in order to find out what T.W.O.K foundation is really made of, I do neither of these things. Loathe to waste product within the bristles of a brush, I apply with my fingertips in a sweeping circular motion straight from the bottle. Two pumps and I’m covered. The foundation is super buildable so I put extra on the areas where my colour needs correcting like the delicate under eye (which tends to be slightly darker) and on the bridge of my nose (which is a shade lighter for some reason) then I blend outward until I am at my true colour, minus the imperfections.

So my day comes and goes. Liquid foundations rarely sit comfortably on me; this feels more like I have applied a cream to powder product than a liquid. No chalkiness, no orangeness and no dullness just as promised! I’m glowing but not shiny. And what I enjoy most about wearing this foundation is catching a glimpse of myself in a mirror or show window as I pass by. I really do look airbrushed!


Verdict: 4 Stars

Wow, T.W.O.K Flawless Filer Foundation lasts hours and remains matte without leaving my skin feeling dry after wear. The packaging is very tasteful but sadly the frosted plastic bottle makes it difficult to get your exact colour on sight. The match feature online is not quite detailed enough yet either so this is a definite try before you buy situation. Do try though! And do buy! You won’t regret it, T.W.O.K London has us covered!

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