We recently reported that beauty brand Ghandour Cosmetics were going to launch two new fragrances (Click here if you missed it). Glam Africa got to attend the exclusive product debut which was held on the 14th November, 2015.

The event was attended by the crème de la crème of the African creative scene including the brand ambassadors Oluchi Orlandi and Marcel De Sailly. From talented Pan African dancers to a welcoming ambiance the event definitely lived up to expectations






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Every guest received a goodie bag filled with the two new fragrances i.e the Scent of Africa For Woman and the Scent of Africa For Man plus a box of dark chocolate.

scent of africa scent of africa 2 (2)


The Scent of Africa For Man can be described as very subtle and cool and not as strong scented as compared to some male fragrances on the market whereas The Scent of Africa For Woman has a vibrant female appeal and not that mild. Both Eau De Toilette fragrances come in 30ml packages. The male fragrance is packaged a grey African Map design whereas the one for the woman is packaged in a chic gold African map design. The packaging was a perfect idea since the name of the product is Scent of Africa. However if you care to know, both products were made in France by Ghandour Cosmetics.


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