Isn’t social media great? You can connect to your loved ones on daily basis without having to see them IRL, you can watch Beyoncé’s latest show 10 times on your phone and then you can share your deepest thoughts about said performance in 140 characters.

Nice, hey?

However, with all things that affect big change, there are positive and negative side effects. And while a lot has been said about the possible mental and social pitfalls of social media, we seem determined to willfully ignore these. Check out only 3 ways social media can affect one’s mental health.

It promotes inactivity

Spending most of your time on social media doesn’t only make you unproductive, but inactive as well, and you might fall prey to many health risks.

According to Peak Fitness , sitting down for long hours reduces blood flow to the brain and also increases your chances of dying, so it is important to take breaks and do some physical exercises to improve blood circulation.

Exercise is also a powerful mood lifter, and people who exercise daily are generally happier and healthier than their sedentary counterparts.

Social media makes us unable to be alone

In the world of social networks there’s always someone to complain to, or to gain sympathy from.

Even if it is sometimes fake.

But this can be damaging to good decision making and emotional growth. Not everything in your life has to be validated by others to make it meaningful.

Standing alone, spending time with only yourself and doing things purely because you want to, and not to impress others, is a huge part of individuation and self-actualisation. When it becomes difficult to be alone or enjoy your own company you have a problem.

For many, social media provides a stage from which they broadcast their lives. Which is fine, as long as you see it for what it is: a show.

Distracts you from real-life

Social media often focuses on unimportant things like what your friends had for dinner last night or a picture of your sister’s dog in a dress… It’s amusing, but hardly life-changing.

When you spend too much time scrolling through the inanities of people’s lives – often people you don’t really care for or even really know – your life will begin to feel meaningless and you won’t know why.

A few hours of uninterrupted conversation with a person you love, will time after time give your life more purpose and validation than 100 likes on Facebook.


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