Ohimai Atafo is a Nigerian fashion entrepreneur, founder and creative director of fashion label Mai Atafo, a brand that specializes in bespoke men’s suit and traditional outfits, alongside its sister brand Weddings by Mai Atafo which specializes in Wedding and evening dresses.

In a new live interview session launched by the brand Orange Mentorship, (Orange Culture) as a revolutionary fashion and toxic masculinity-defying brand, the brand’s Founder and Creative Director Adebayo Oke-Lawal, discusses ‘How To Build A Profitable Fashion Brand with Mai Atafo‘.

Mai Atafo is undoubtedly the number one man in fashion on the continent with several awards under his belt. He is also featured on the Beyoncé website as an acclaimed African fashion brand.


With his years of experience and skill set, he is the best person to listen to if you are a fashion designer/stylist or own a fashion brand.

On the Instagram feed of Orange mentorship they shared:

We are super excited to announce our next live session is with the legendary @maiatafo as we discuss on Monday at 5pm how to make your fashion business profitable! Tune in, you don’t want to miss this!

Watch the full  interview below:


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