Arguably, the Victoria Secret runway show which has over 5.5 million viewers each year is every models must-walk show in the world. Over the years, models have celebrated in overzealous fashion when selected to strut the runway in the brand’s latest lingerie collection. These models are commonly referred to as the Victoria Angels.

Winnie Harlow

It’s a huge milestone for two of our favourite models, Canadian runway star, Winnie Harlow and South Sudanese runway princess, Duckie Thot. Their addition to the show this year means a lot for the need to push diversity in the industry.

Duckie Thot

For Winnie, not being able to make it to through audition and walk the show last year was a blow for her as she was actually looking forward to making her millions of followers happy. Her selection for this year is not just a dream come true but, the opportunity to spread a message of self-belief and positivity.

See her reaction when she was given the nod to strut this year for Victoria Secret.


 Duckie was equally on cloud nine after she was given the news of her selection to join the Victoria Angels this year, see her reaction also.