When we were younger romantic relationships seemed so much simpler. If you liked someone, you expressed it and if they felt the same way, you started a relationship. Today’s relationships are much more complicated and frustrating.

Trust me, I know.

We take a look at a few reasons why millennials relationships don’t work out.

Apologies are out of fashion

With most things happening over texts, emotions are hardly ever shown.

For instance, if your significant other is angry/upset with you, texting is normally used to stonewall and/or attack you.

Also, instead of communicating in person and expressing ourselves, we escape reality and send hurtful messages to each other which is an unhealthy way of solving the problem. In fact, it rarely solves anything.

Romantic notions are seen as forward

Most millennials are so afraid of appearing too forward or too clingy that they avoid all notions of romance.

Gone are the days where first dates was about a guy showing up at your door with flowers. Nowadays even calling it a date is seen as too formal and too old-fashioned. You’re lucky if you end up having coffee at McDonald’s.

Hand holding and just kissing are a rarity. For some reason this generation seems to have associated romance with clinginess.

We want a relationship but not commitment

We like the idea of having a partner, but we don’t want the responsibilities that come with it.

More and more millennials are going for a “dating partner” . This is someone with whom you do most of what you would with your significant other but without defining the relationship. People get into these for different reasons.

Not only is it challenging for the older generation to understand the millennial dating culture, but it is difficult for millennials themselves to understand it.

Perhaps it’s time  we stopped hiding behind our smartphones and started living life.


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