It was easy to have lofty dreams as a child, everything seemed possible, and the world was our playground. We felt we could achieve our dreams, find the perfect partner, have perfect children –  ‘happily ever after’ may be too cliché or asking for much, but yes, we dreamed of something relatively close.

I mean, how difficult could it be? Go to school, find a good job, start that global business and find true love… Simple – or is it?

There’s a thing about life we all realize: the older one gets, the less achievable our dreams seem, and so we chip and downsize our lofty dreams. We become adults, wiser and more mature. That’s a good thing too, right?

We don’t play like we used to. Going out just to have fun becomes childish and we grow weary of meaningless friendships, forced interactions or unnecessary conversations.

We get caught up with pursuing a career, setting up a business, doing the ‘important’ things.  Ambitions, once huge and audacious are reduced to slightly lofty to-do lists we pray we are able to tick off.

Even the sweet things, like finding the right partner, becomes a mundane task. We would consider the time, emotional investment, what if the other party just wants to play around? Aunties and uncles start recommending people, and although they mean well (sometimes), it’s not always a good feeling and can make you feel as though you are incapable of finding love on your own.

Taking charge of your life on your terms shouldn’t be so hard. Being an adult doesn’t mean our boisterous spirits fade. Make time for fun like you used to, laugh often and please, find love on your own terms. Now, this is why you need The Elite Link.

The Elite Link was borne of a conversation between friends discussing how to bridge the gap between singles socialising and the slightly uncomfortable situation of arranged introductions by friends and family in order to find love. The Elite Link is an intentional alternative dating strategy, creating an avenue for eligible mature singles to meet in a safe and mellow environment.

Meeting your special someone shouldn’t be anything but a comfortable and relaxed experience. The Elite Link provides an informal, sophisticated approach to dating, with carefully screened male and female guests between the ages of 28-40, in an intimate gathering of 20-25 guests.

Tempting isn’t it? You too can get the Elite Link. Here’s what you need to do.

Visit their user friendly website

Apply to attend an event

Upon screening and approval, you will be given access to choose the event you wish to attend and details to purchase your tickets online.

The Elite Link is absolutely private, sophisticated and intentional thanks to their screening process. It provides singles the opportunity to meet in an ideal and safe environment, with every attendee having the same relationship goals hence, there’s a higher chance of meeting ‘the one’.

Now you can take control of your dating life…your way!

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