Cathy Martin’s activewear collection is so stylish that it was already selling in the dozens days before its official release date. FitWear By Cathy, as the collection is called, is the latest offshoot of the Body By Cathy brand, which was started as a way to help people live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives. Now, after witnessing and experiencing firsthand a gaping hole in the fitness industry, Cathy martin is taking it upon herself to produce inclusive and fashionable gym-wear for all body types, including yours.

“FitWearByCathy is designed to help people embrace the body they have while working toward the body they want. I was ashamed to go to the gym because I didn’t have anything to wear other than black baggy t-shirts and baggy jogging bottoms. Today, there are choices for plus-sized women, but often at the expense of quality and design. That’s not me. My gym-wear is suitable for every shape and size, starting from small to extra large.The colours are bright and fashionable, and the designs lift and shape in all the right areas.”

The keyword is inclusion, and from her marketing and branding to her actual product range, Cathy Martin isn’t leaving anyone out. FitWear By Cathy is made up of two ranges, the Classicfit range and the Luxefit range. The Classicfit range comes in two styles: the long-sleeved top with leggings and the sports bra with leggings, which means there’s plenty of room for you to choose the style you feel your best in. FitWear By Cathy also embraces a diverse range of colours ranging from greys to bright shades of blue, so you’ll always have something to complement your mood.

“My inspiration comes primarily from my own transformational journey. I’ve had to overcome bullying, undiagnosed dyslexia, low self-esteem, battling with depression and my own weight issues. Every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful. I want people to feel confident, fabulous and empowered, regardless of their shape and size. I want to use my past experiences as a way to uplift and inspire others. As Maya Angelou said, each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.”

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