The 6th edition of the annual Rwanda Movie Awards went down on Friday night at the Kigali Convention Center. The red carpet event drew a full house of local film enthusiasts, local celebrities and some big names on the continental movie scene.

In all, eighteen awards were handed out to winners in different categories. Each winner received a certificate and an ornamental plague.

The awards were initially scheduled to take place on June 24th, before the date was moved to July 7th.

One of the night’s highlights was the large turnout of guests, who completely filled out the venue. The other was the presence of popular Nollywood movie producer and director Andy Boyo, and the even more popular Ghanaian actress Nadia Buhari, better known to her fans by her nickname of Beyonce.

Although Buari has since ditched acting, her red carpet moment was one of the climactic episodes of the night. The cheers from excited fans were deafening and almost brought down the roof. For some while, she stood still and speechless as she received a rousing welcome.

Later, when she took to the stage, she couldn’t help but acknowledge the love from fans:

“The film industry in Africa is very challenging, but it is on occasions like these that remind us that we can work together to surmount them. So thank you Rwanda Movie Awards for this recognition and I’m so honored again to be here,”

“I love you guys and I love Rwanda. I wish I could stay longer. Thank you,” she said, to even more deafening applause.

Abegukanye ibihembo muri Rwanda Movie Awards bamenyekanye

Few people bothered to follow the stipulated dress code of black and white. Even the few that did were outnumbered by the red T-shirts bearing inscriptions of the Rwanda Film and Television School.

Abegukanye ibihembo muri Rwanda Movie Awards bamenyekanye

 Abegukanye ibihembo muri Rwanda Movie Awards bamenyekanye
Abegukanye ibihembo muri Rwanda Movie Awards bamenyekanye
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Short movie (film ntoya y’ umwaka): she wasn’ t me

Best script(Film yanditse neza): Samantha

Documentary of The Year(Icyegeranyo): Miracles and family

Best lighting and graphics: Jean luc Nsengiyumva

Best supporting actor: Seleman D’ amour

Best supporting actress: Antoinette Uwamahoro(Intare y’ ingore)

Best actor in TV series: Gratien Niyitegeka (Seburikoko)

Best actress in TV series: Uwamahoro antoinette(Intare y’ ingore)

Best editor: Habimana

Best actor People choice: Niyitegeka Gratien (seburikoko)

Best actress people choice: Mutoni assia (Rosine)

Best photographer: Buranga Norbert

Best actor of the year: Irunga longine

Best actress of the year: Kirenga Saphina

Series yu mwaka(filimi y’uruhererekane): Seburikoko

Movie of the year: Ca inkoni izamba

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