There’s nothing like having skin that glows this time of year, however  having oily skin means there is a fine line between that dazzle and looking like an oil slick.

London-based beauty blogger, Patricia Bright shares her tips and tricks to achieving the perfect sun-kissed look.

Start from the bottom

It’s so important to focus on what goes underneath your makeup especially if you have oily skin. A well cleansed and moisturised face is the perfect base for flawless make-up application important as well as a great moisuriser and primer.

Pick the right foundation

Try to get foundations with the words ‘Luminous’ ‘Glow’ ‘Iridescent’ , and avoid ‘Dewy’. I’ve found that I need a foundation which contains reflective particles rather than an oily base. These are more suited to my skin and give me the perfect glow without the oil.

Highlight in all the right places

Keep it focused and clean! Try to avoid over-highlighting but the tops of my cheek bones and the bridge of my nose always look amazing with a touch of gold applied sparingly with a fan brush. I like to use highlight to make only the best areas of my face stand out.

Icing on the cake

Once the face is beat and glowing for the ‘Gawds,’ the lips and eyes should always have some attention, I like to keep my eyes matte if I am going for a glowy look but I always keep my lips popping.

Glow all over

Don’t forget the rest of your body. Those legs, arms and chest also need some love. Body oils and mists give you a little extra than a regular moisturiser and last for hours.

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