A few weeks ago Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino redefined creativity in a different way by blending excitement with sadness in the video for ’This Is America’.

Africans were excited because he took a unique dance called ’Gwara Gwara’ from South Africa and placed it on the world stage for discussion. Some may argue that the dance was already making waves in the world but the truth is, Childish’s storyline for the video called for a detailed analysis of the ’Gwara Gwara’ which now everyone including us wants to master. Childish employed the services of an African choreographer named Sherrie Silver to walk him through the stages to perfecting the steps and even went further to feature her and her crew in the video.

Sherrie promised she was going to teach the dance for free if the video hit one million views. Well, as we speak the video sit on over 116 million views and number three on youtube world trending videos list. Per her words, she has done a very simple to practice tutorial for us all.

Watch below, this could be our chance to finally become masters of the ‘Gwara Gwara’.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the serious parts of the video. Childish takes recent unpleasant occurrences like gun violence, multiple shootings in the house of God, police brutality and something that it makes take you two or three times to see  – Mental Slavery, depicted in the at the end of the video where Childish seems to be running for his life in a dark room. That moment really reminds us of the movie ‘Get Out’.

Have you mastered your ’Gwara Gwara’ yet?

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