So it’s Friday afternoon, and while you can feel the buzz in the air as your colleagues start getting excited about all the plans they have for the weekend. You sit gloomily at your desk, staring at your extremely inactive phone.

With your friends all giving you the “Sorry friend, I made plans with my man”, you are left trying not to spiral into a panic of having nothing to do on a Friday night. Most women tend to go into hibernation, find a TV series or movie that helps them switch off from the world until it’s safe to pop out again.

But not the GLAM AFRICA kind of girl. The GA girl doesn’t fret about not having anyone to spend Friday evening with, instead, she gets excited about the newly freed-up time she gets to use, exploring new things.

Here are 5 things to do as a single gal:

1. Take yourself out on a Dinner Date

We at GA, strongly believe in showing self-love. If you are in the mood for a romantic dinner in a quiet, dimly lit restaurant, then damn it, you deserve to be wined and dined, man or not. Not only will this give you some much-needed me-time, but it has also been proven to increase a sense of confidence in who you are, a trait that exponentially decreases the urgency to find a man to fill all your time with- and thus ending up with one that doesn’t quite fit your personality.

2. Attend an Arts & Crafts class

Nothing is more enriching to the soul as getting creative. During your lunch break, how about you google a few classes in your area that offer activities such as painting, pottery, beading or even cooking, sign up and for the experience and the possibility of discovering a new talent. Art classes are also a great way to meet new people.

3. Fun at Home: Take a Dip!

If you aren’t in the mood to dress up and spend another couple of hour in heels, how about investing in your favourite bottle of wine, create a playlist of soothing music, grab your portable speaker and go for a night swim. If you don’t have access to a pool, a nice warm bath does the same trick. With the music setting the relaxing mood in the background, spend the time reflecting on the positive aspects of your life and contemplate ways on how to make big strides in your life goals.

4. Catch up on some reading

With everything going on in your daily life, you can be forgiven for missing a couple of weeks of good night time reading. Now that your dance card has finally opened up, use this time to find a good read and lose yourself in the imaginary world. Reading- any type of reading- has been said to improve your mind’s ability to faster, more informed decisions in daily life

5. Clubbing: Going on a taste Tour

We all know it’s not safe to go out on the town without your friends, but there’s another way you can experience the nightlife without feeling too vulnerable: A cocktail bar taste tour. Before leaving the office, make a list of interesting cocktail bars/lounges that you have heard of that you have never had the chance to see- Not too long of a list, unlike with your friends, you will not be spending the whole night boogying on the dancefloor until the sun comes up.

Then grab an uber and visit the first bar on your list. Order one drink and feel the vibe of the place, make new friends, then leave when your drink is done. NO, your new friends can’t come along, this is your night and let’s not forget safety. When you get to the next bar, we recommend ordering a similar drink to the first. This way you get to judge the new lounge compared to the last, as well as limit mixing different alcohols, which tend to get you intoxicated faster.

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