International entertainers are making good use of the euphoria in the continent and the buzz in energy in the music, film, fashion etc industry which is good. Jussie Smollett will ring a bill if you are a lover of the Empire by Lee Daniels and Danny Strong.

Jussie played Jamal Lyon in the musical drama series, he has however found his own voice and launched a new album titled Sum Of My Music. In a bid to connect with African cultures as a black American, he then shot the entire visuals for one of the singles off the album, Hurt People, in South Africa.

First of all the video touched on the liberation of black people, then celebrated the beauty in our way of life and then helped fight racism in simplest way ever. The total message in the video is to shine the light on Africa using local creative minds from stylists, makeup artists to everyone who contributes to making a video and he directed it himself. and we love it.

Watch Hurt People Below:

Image Source: Vogue

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