”Indieview Lagos’ is a curatorship of modern Nigerian Short Films, and a platform to give filmmakers opportunity, information, distribution and honest feedback. The attendees enjoy a colourful collection of entertaining shorts, great conversation, company and ambience, and an opportunity to interact with the filmmakers. Short films are the building blocks of technique and creativity in filmmaking, and the Nigerian filmmaker has come out to play”
Says Ese Ovueraye, CEO of Endgame Media and founder of this intriguing and entertaining event, which occurs monthly at Freedom Park, nestled in the heart of Lagos Island.
Indieview Lagos is hosted by ever changing industry professionals who engage the crowd and handle the Q & A sessions after screenings. From OAP to Comedian to Actor, you never know who will head the event that brings together filmmakers & enthusiasts, actors & writers, fans, family, and friends.
We aim to preserve and encourage the diverse narratives in contemporary African cinema, from the technical to the creative, and provide an interactive platform that inspires growth, feedback & collaboration amongst filmmakers and film enthusiasts.  With the launching of Indieview New York in the works for the fall, Endgame Media is preparing to promote and curate African Short Film globally.
On the last Sunday of the month, come join us, as we are entertained by the latest and most prolific short films made by Africans in Lagos. The event is free and kicks off at 6pm with drinks and popcorn at the Freedom Park Amphitheatre. Join us on Sunday, June 26th, 2016 from 6pm – 10pm, and remember to support your local filmmaker
If you are an independent Filmmaker, Director or Producer and would like to screen your project at the next edition of Indieview Lagos, send an email to indieviewlagos@gmail.com and be prepared to attend and field questions from our audience about your work, after the screening. Indieview Lagos is an Endgame Media LLC Production




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