Organic hair and skin products are quite the rave now. From glow oil to talking oil to whitening black soap..herbal toning cream and so many others. There’s been a lot of awareness on the dangers of certain synthetic chemicals used in the making of various cosmetics such as paraben or silicone and the likes.

When you log on to Instagram you see so many manufacturers and vendors of several skin and hair products which they “claim” to be 100% organic and has performed so many wonders for people that have used them.

However, a major challenge of these organic products is that they don’t quite deliver results as fast as their synthetic counterparts and this has made the manufacturers to constantly seek ways to enhance the efficacy of their products in order to have a fighting chance at the highly competitive online beauty market in Nigeria.

Unfortunately, this means that most of these manufacturers have become less than honest in letting the buyers know the actual content of some of their beauty products. Rumor has it that some manufacturers add hair relaxer (yes, you read right) to their so called toning and smoothening creams and lotions. Most users of natural skin and hair products in Nigeria today have discovered that their skin or hair didn’t actually get better, or they got better at a really fast rate, and then declined and took a turn for the worse all of a sudden.

This then begs the question; should a regulatory body be created to actually vet the quality of the natural beauty products that flood the market daily? Or should we keep depending on glowing (most likely edited) Instagram videos and screen shots of “feedback’s” to make decisions on which vendors to patronize or not?

Not to even mention the numerous unknown long term effects these unchecked beauty mixtures could have on our general health and well-being. Skin cancer, kidney problems, multiple skin discolorations, excessive hair loss and other health issues should be a major concern to you if you patronize “organic” vendors without affirming what the actual content of those products are.

Another very worrying aspect of this influx of organic products in Nigeria’s beauty market is the “organic” baby skincare products. I mean, they’re just babies right? Why do we need to buy them “toning baby butter” and the likes of them? I mean their skins are already so “buttery” (for lack of a better word). Parents need to be careful on what they actually buy for use on their little babies and who they buy it from.

But does this mean that all organic products in Nigeria’s beauty industry today are questionable? Not at all! There are several tested and trusted brands (too many to mention) whose products have actually helped a lot of people, and they deserve all the kudos. We should just apply caution while buying and using organic products and also insist on knowing what the products are made of, and be patient enough to get the results we hope to see on our skin or hair.



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