We speak with Founder of Shomsa Creations Fiona Mensah Somelu (name created from her last name and her husbands last name) who speaks to us about where her inspiration for creating children’s pieces and who her favourite celebrity child customer would be.
1) When did you decide you wanted to start designing African printed cloths for children? 
After having my first child. She was such a cry baby. I mean a real cry baby! We would go shopping for her clothes and amongst the busy shoppers and the long queues my daughter would be screaming her head off-as if she was a stolen baby. With my head low I would leave my shopping behind and walk home. As soon as I got home I decided never again! Not knowing how to sew I took apart one of my daughter’s dresses apart and make her another one. After this day I knew there would be other parents out there that would share similar experiences to me. This is when Shomsa creations began.


2) Where does your inspiration for each design develop from? 
Being of Ghanaian descent I wanted to incorporate the beautiful colours and patterns of Africa I had grown up around. Seeing my mum wearing a bright yellow, orange and red outfit commanded confidence. Something I struggled with growing up.

3) Why did you decide that you wanted to design pieces catered just for children’s wear and not for adults also? 

Since I taught myself to sew it was easy to practice with little pieces of material. And not boy did I practice. Plus for the reasons I already said, I wanted parents to have one less thing to think about.



4) Who would be your all time favourite celebrity child that you would like to design for? 

Blue Ivy! She has the coolest parents so why not! I know Beyonce wears a lot of African print. So she would be the perfect customer. Plus I know if they liked what I make, I would be sorted with marketing!

5) What are some of your favourite designs that you have constructed already?

Ooh this is a hard one. I love all the custom pieces I have done. I think it would have to be a tuth 3 piece set for a birthday girl. The fact that I can add African print somehow, no matter how small, makes me happy that I get to add my heritage.

6) Do you think you will develop into adult wear some time in the future? 

I get so many adults asking me to make them something. I’ve always said my only focus would be on children. However I have done so many mummy and me sets (mothers matching their child’s outfits) it would seem I’m slowly getting into adults. But as kids wear is what I love to Do, I would (at the moment) only do adults who also wanted something made for their kids too.

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