Popular cast member from the London based online show ‘BKChat Ldn’ and recent graduate from Middlesex University,  Ramla Tyrow is known for her outspoken character always remaining calm and collected under pressure. We catch up with the beauty who shares her reaction of when her graduation video was retweeted over 150,000 times, her current focuses and her time as a BKchat Ldn cast member

–  Throughout your time as a BKChat Ldn cast member, you have been truly authentic to your values and beliefs. Have you always been as outspoken? or is there certain topics that creep up that get you highly passionate?

I have definitely been an outspoken person all my life however before I started on the show it’s took me a while to get out of my shell & feel comfortable around the original cast. When it comes to my beliefs and values I don’t play games, I don’t care what anyone has to say. Some people are less than smart so I have to dumb things down. In other words I like to think I have sufficient knowledge on things such as other religions which I totally respect and understand. You would think that in a place like London which is highly diverse someone like me would be considered to think like a normal 21-year-old but clearly not.

 – You began your time on BkChat from Season 2 – What was the process that you went through in terms of getting on the show?

 I am the only cast member that didn’t audition, initially when the show started I was a fan of the show and from a friend of mine knew of one of their managers at the show. They were looking for new cast members and holding auditions, I was asked if I would do it and thought it was a good opportunity. I was called in for a meeting with production and the rest is history.

–  What is your relationship with the BkChat cast members like? Are you close with anyone outside of the show?

My relationship with other cast members is great I don’t think there is any bad blood between me and anyone else. I totally respect them and appreciate what they have to say even if I don’t agree, I am definitely closer to some more than others.

–  Season 2 is now over so will you be continuing your time as a member on Season 3?

 Nothing for season three has been confirmed however I would like to continue my journey on the show, it has opened doors that are necessarily not always open for someone that looks like me.

 –  You recently graduated from Middlesex University and shared your happiness on Twitter with a very heart warming message dedicated to your Mother. It received a lot of reception from magazines and publications. What was your reaction when you saw all reception that your tweet received?

After my graduation which of course was very emotional for me and my family, I wanted to share the experience with my fans. I did not expect the reception that the video got on Twitter as I went to sleep with only 1000 likes and when I woke up it was on 150,000 likes on twitter and it did not stop there. Author J. K. Rowling who basically was the highlight of my childhood retweeted and wished me luck for the future, the inspirational Somali model Halima Aden also congratulated me.

It was overwhelming to say the least however I am very grateful for the opportunities that have come of it. My mother is a true soldier and raised seven children by herself and me being the oldest of them all my graduation was just the first chapter of her daughters success story.

–  Now that you have finished University, what are your current focuses?

 Now that I have finished university I feel as though my life has become a roller coaster and I am enjoying the ride. There are a number of things that I am working on but cannot speak on them however I am excited for the future.

–  Your makeup is always glowing on the show and on your social media accounts. What are your secrets to keeping your makeup so flawless?

 When it comes to my look I take pride in my skin before the make up, I go to the gym regularly, drink loads of water & mind my own business which of course helps with clear skin.

 – You are currently a MUA – Do you think you would possibly in the future develop your own products?

 I don’t know why people think I am a make-up artist because I am far from it, the only face I know how to do is my own. My sister (who is my makeup artist) does my makeup majority of the time (Instagram – @enhancemyfeatures).

 – Where do you see yourself 3 years from now?

 I see myself as an actress and a business woman and have set myself goals that I would like to achieve in the coming years. I would like eliminate the stereotype of a Muslim woman & build my brand as a respected actress


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