When you think about community development, female entrepreneurs have been a huge contributor and the impact has been resounding in terms of revenue and job creation. One such remarkable woman in business is Gaelle Bomboko founder of Lafemme: an affordable luxury brand that specialises in lip care kits, lashes and lip gloss sets. With her community development initiative, she has established a thriving wholesale programme where she encourages and supports women globally with products to start their own lash or lipgloss businesses. I caught up with the mompreneur for a quick chat and she shared the story of how her thriving business grew from her love for beauty and makeup:

“My love for makeup grew over the years after I had my three amazing children and lost interest in music, which I studied in school. I also wanted to be my own boss, so I decided to launch Lafemme this year. I wanted Lafemme to be a luxury, yet affordable, brand, suitable for both young and mature women. We have a range of lash styles that are lightweight and reusable to suit everyone, a 100% vegan lip balm and lip scrub that are made from candelilla wax, a vegetable alternative to beeswax, which is super moisturising and the fastest remedy for chapped, dry lips. We recently launched our melanin lipgloss collection which is also 100% vegan and non-sticky – a must-have for your makeup bag.”

With an expansive product range, we have no doubt that Lafemme Lashes will have something on your wishlist. To help you get started here’s all you need to know about their must-have products;

  • La Belle Collection: In our opinion, lashes, lash glue and tweezers from the La Belle collection is the perfect gift for yourself or someone special. The collection boasts three pairs of lightweight and reusable lashes (Aela, Angel, Belle), tweezers, and the custom made Lafemme lash glue.

  • Lip Gloss: You need to invest in these 100% vegan, non-sticky flavoured lip glosses asap! With the Peppermint, Coco, Boujee Barbie, Indigo, and Mint Choco melt colour and flavours, there’s a shade for every woman. What’s better than a fruity lip gloss that plumps the lips and keeps them hydrated? Absolutely nothing!

  • Lip Balm: Made from a natural vegetable wax derived from the leaves of the small candelilla plant grown in the semi-arid regions of northern Mexico, these purse essentials are created to give the softest, moisturised lips while healing chapped and dry lips.

  • Lip scrubs: Formulated with candelilla, a plant-based wax not only effective in binding ingredients but also soothes and softens the skin, Lafemme lip scrubs contain nourishing butters and oils like jojoba oil, super-rich in nutrients and very effective in softening and smoothing the lips. These scrubs come in three amazing flavours, Lemon Bonbon, Maracuja (passion fruit) and Watermelon.



Gaelle says she created these products for women who chase their dreams and want to feel beautiful without spending too much money. Her goal is to keep supporting women in her community to be the best they can be because she believes that with the right mindset, nothing is impossible.

To find out more about her wholesale programme and to shop her fantastic products, visit www.lafemmebeauty-store.co.uk/ 

Stay up to date with the brand on Instagram @Lafemmelashes_