Founded and birthed 6 months ago to 20 year old Australian based – Somali born student Zahra, who has always had a passion for beauty and skincare as well as creating a brand of her own where she will be calling the shots.

The word ‘Malab’ is a somali term for Honey which gives off the sweet, elegant theme that Zahra has introduced to her brand. Each product contains traditional Somali ingredients and formulas used to attain that healthy natural glow to revitalise the skin.

The full coverage matte lipsticks which are limited in quantities have some of the best witty tag lines attached to them. For example she describes AYAN as a bold yet subdued shade, perfect to wear to your ex’s funeral to collect your millions from the will. Get that money, honey. 

Zahra decided to include these light hearted tag lines as she feels that brands always use extra professional ‘use a thesaurus’ type of description whereas Zahra wanted to bring through her personality to life through her brand.

BILAN – is the perfect shade to throw on for hours Snapchat lip syncing to Tory Lanez. Don’t worry if you don’t know the lyrics girl, Bilan’s got your back.

Safiya – is the type to look for the 3 6’s: 6 Figures, 6 Foot and 6 Pack. Honey, if you’re not all three, you’re not ready for me.

Yasmin – is your sophisticated type that’s busy 24/7 but the girl still has time to hashtag #MenAreTrash on Twitter.

Habon – is that successful cousin that your mum always compares you to. 5 minutes in to dinner and she’s yelling “WHY CAN’T YOU BE LIKE YOUR COUSIN?”

Nafisa –  is that one friend that is literally a ghost– she knows everything about everyone but no one knows anything about her. #HereForTheTea

Each matte lipstick has a subtle scent of chocolate cake butter with full coverage, each costing at $16.00 AUD

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