It’s no secret that how you see yourself greatly impacts your identity, how you view the world and how you process events in your life. Whether we view ourselves in a negative or positive light, this influences the choices we make, what we believe we can achieve and influences the opportunities we open ourselves to. The good news is we can always make a conscious choice to see ourselves in a positive light, showering ourselves with positive and affirmative thoughts. No one understands this better than 24-year-old Aminata Sankoh, who grew up dealing with insecurities because of the discolouration she had on her lips. But Aminata has not only turned her life around with the power of makeup and beauty but has gone ahead to build a sustainable cosmetics brand encouraging people to find and express themselves through beauty.

The intrepid path being forged by young Aminata not only answers the fundamental question of the possibility of turning one’s insecurities into a profitable business but also serves as a springboard of inspiration for any young person looking to discover and love their true self. Aminata is originally from Sierra Leone but was born and raised in East London Hackney. She has a BA (Hons) in Business and Management from the University of Kent where she learnt about the general fundamentals of business, and key management skills that have set her apart from others. During her last year in school, she worked for a fashion retailer called Flannels, one of the fastest-growing fashion brands in the UK. She flourished within the company as a sales consultant, to a supervisor, then as an assistant manager. Her transition was rapid throughout her time in the company, but Aminata believes how you work determines where you end up in life. This was why she took the challenge of becoming an assistant manager; by taking the risk, being confident, and dedicating her effort to the role.

I recently caught up with the ambitious and devoted woman behind the lip gloss brand everyone is talking about. She shared with me, the inspiration behind her bold business dive and what she hopes to achieve with her brand. Here’s what she told me:

“Growing up, I was insecure and very shy. I used to be very concerned about my appearance and one major concern was how my lips looked. I had discolouration on the top and bottom line of my lips, which I would see how different it looked compared to the people around me, so as young and insecure as I was, it bothered me. As I grew older, between 12-15 years, I learned that my imperfections are what make me who I am. I was very expressive with how I wore my makeup, I wore bright pink lipstick, dark purple, light purple, rouge, you name it! I clearly didn’t care if my makeup was not to other people’s liking; but the point is, that was the period in my life where I was learning to finally love, and be myself.  Between 20-22 I wanted to create my own products so that others can express themselves in the unique ways that they wish to; the same way I was able to with my makeup growing up. That is the thought process that founded SONA Cosmetics.  I decided to launch my brand because there was never a perfect time for me to pursue my dreams. I have always wanted to inspire people, but most importantly create a solution for others, to make them feel beautiful inside and out. I believe no one is undeserving of looking and feeling beautiful. I recognize and understand that in beauty there is no limit, and in makeup, there are no rules.”

True to her words, Aminata has since nurtured her business to become a  sustainable lip gloss brand with products that are expressive and appreciates the uniqueness and simplicity in everyone’s beauty.  The products offerings of her brand are unique because of its high pigment and signature sweet candy scent. The lip glosses look, feel and smell lush. Formulas are made to specifically define and beautify the lips. Aminata also understands the difficulty of trusting new makeup companies, trying to break into the beauty industry. Yet, SONA Cosmetics has the desire to effectuate the best results, by carefully considering what it is, that their customers need and want.

We are convinced Sona Cosmetics has a gloss for you. To help you get started here’s all you need to know about these products:

  • CAMILLE – Pastel Pink Undertone: This shade is perfect for every elegant, and feminine lip gloss lover. The ultimate summer essential that a girl must have!
  • NATURELLE – Muted Nude: If you love a simple colour, then wear this simple muted nude that will give you a natural yet chic look. It is formulated with the best ingredients to ensure full healthy lips.
  • OAK – Crisp Brown: Brown is Bae! If you love date nights or a girls night out, then this is the lip gloss for you. This is the most unique nude from the ALL IN collection, that will most certainly turn heads.
  • PLUSH – Crystal Clear:  This clear lip gloss is ideal for keeping your lips hydrated as it locks in moisture for a longer-lasting shine.
  • TAFFY – Millennial Pink: This lip shade is for the bold, and the sassy. Unlike other lip glosses, this shade bursts with colour, and the brand’s original sweet candy scent.
  • TORN – Pale Taupe: This lip shade is a customer favourite! With its warm and pale hues, this nude will give your lips the defined look you never thought you needed.

Aminata hopes in the near future to expand Sona Cosmetics to a worldwide makeup company, and open her first store and warehouse in East Central London where she was raised. She would also love to be positioned alongside leading beauty companies such as Fenty, Morphe, Mac cosmetics and Kiko. With the way things are so far, we hold no doubt we’ll be seeing all this sooner than later.

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