Tshepiso Mabulana is a Radio DJ at YFM Johannesburg, leading radio station in South Africa.
A presenter for  YFM at the just concluded Loeires.

She shares a few things about her.

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Why did you get into radio?

Well initially I wanted to be an actress, I studied perfomance studies and media at the University of Kwa Zulu Natal so naturally I am a born perfomer, only in 3rd year a friend of mine suggested that I try out radio because of my voice. I was very apprehensive about it, I went to my first radio audition, although I didn’t get a chance to get into the actual audition but somehow I fell in love with the idea. I applied for SABC internships twice but didn’t make it, I applied for the Y-Academy at YFM the first time I didn’t make it, I was dry and out and boarder lying depression, I applied for the second time 6 Months later, I got an interview, I flunked it so badly. I didn’t make it to the programme, But turns out there was a guy who didn’t make it and a week later I was called on my birthday to come work, fast forward 6 months later, out of 12 interns I was the only one who made it on air with a prime time spot, Lunch time slot. 2 years later I’m the female voice of YFM’s Drive Time show “The Best Drive” every weekday 3pm till 6pm, I have never looked back since.. This is my life.

How did you grow this fast?

I always say that peoples stars are not aligned the same, we all have a different story to tell and different journeys that got us there. Apart from my talent and my resilient spirit I think I was at the right place at the right time.  For a girl from a township in Tembisa, who has no formal radio experience and is now a co host on Drive – well if that’s not GOD I have no idea what is.


Is this what you want to do?

With every fibre me. Radio is me and I am radio. I don’t see myself doing anything else without getting depressed lol.

What drives you?

Successful women in my industry drive me. South African woman are immensely talented and smarter than they are given credit for. When I see one successful, strong willed and a hard working young woman in my industry I work harder because I know it’s possible why can’t I make it happen. There is no better drive than that.

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Where do you see yourself in 5 Years:

I think I have become such a feminist and I’m unapologetic for it. I see myself hosting a show that is by women for women, Discussing issues and chats that affect us, celebrating other women in their respective industies who are breaking boundaries. By all female I mean from the host all the way to the technical producer. Radio unfortunatly is still unexplainably male dominated.

Tell us about your NGO:

☺ Yesss! Favourite part of my life. My passion for women expends further.  Once a year on my birthday Month of October I host a slumber party for underprivileged young ladies aged 18 to 21, this year I’m super excited about it, it’s powered by Candi & Co. who always keep my hair fleeking, they will be giving the ladies a 5 star pampering session and the beautiful Silver Star Casino in Mogale City is housing the girls for the night and I couldn’t have asked for a better venue. The purpose of my Slumber party is to Motivate young ladies who grew up in the townships that we are destined for greater things apart from our circumstances, It’s to teach young ladies about sexual health, self love and appreciation, to teach them to dream bigger and aim bigger. Creating a sisterhood amongst the ladies is also a very key component of the whole progamme. I want the ladies to leave with a sense of belonging and knowing that they are more powerful than what they can ever understand. If you have been to a slumber party before you will know how amazing it is for the soul and every girl deserves to experience one in their life time.


Whats your favourite:

Music: Old school Jazz, and R&B I’m such an old soul

Colour: White – I’m convinced it’s the colour of happiness

Holiday Location: Zanzibar – I have never been but I throw it to the Universe that’s where I will be before end of this year.

Shoes or allstar: HEELS ☺ How else do I chase my dreams?


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