South Africa’s award-winning musician, AKA is not the only influential personality with the thought of quitting popular social media platform, Instagram. A few influential figures have deserted in the past or have decided not to join at all, an example is American rap moguls, Jay Z and Kanye West who are not interested in being part of the community.

But AKA’s recent revelation about he considering the possibility of walking away from the social media platform due to the negative impact rather than positive it was supposed to have on people wasn’t expected by his fans. His tweet has left us with one question, is the micro-picture sharing platform serving its purpose or it’s causing people to try to leave lives they are not used to?

The fact that the people you are following are posting lavish things doesn’t mean they are having it all rosy in life, some may be true, others may not. The final decision solely depends on you, aside from the fan part of the platform where people share their all moments of life, there’s also the business part where influencers (People with a huge number of followers) are paid to market products for companies and more.

Read AKA’s Tweet below and drop your thoughts in the comment box:

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