ÌSIMI, the Yoruba word for ‘rest’ or ‘peace of mind’, aptly captures all that holistic and wellness brand Isimi: Home and Habit is about. The Yoruba, an ethnic group originating from West Africa, are known for their use of medicinal plants as a fundamental component of the African traditional healthcare system. Channelling her great history and prowess is motherland mogul and IT expert Kore Ojerinola, the founder of Isimi: Home and Habit.

With the sole purpose of supporting people on their self-love journeys, ÌSIMI provides handmade aromatherapy products using the finest natural ingredients and techniques to promote overall health and wellbeing. I recently caught up with the bold and multi-talented woman behind the brand to talk about the journey that led to the birth of ÌSIMI, the highly sought-after products the brand currently offers and the impact it has had on her clients. Here’s what she told me:

“I have always had a deep love of scents and fragrances and I noticed that pleasant fragrance would instantly lift my mood. This was before I knew anything about aromatherapy and the benefits that can be derived from nature’s goodness. This business was originally supposed to start with skincare products but I decided to re-strategise and start with home scents while working to get the skincare products certified. I have also always been the empathetic type and when I was young, my wish on a star was always for all the wars in the world to end. A master’s degree in International Relations taught me that that’s unlikely to happen, so I decided to attempt to change what I can. I founded the brand on the belief that people are much more capable of good deeds when they feel good inside. My hope with the brand is that we’re able to inspire as many people as we can reach to feel better about themselves and in turn, do better for their sphere of influence.”

Throughout the history of medicine, herbs, aromas and essential oils have been revered as sacred and useful in day-to-day life. Studies have also shown that certain fragrances help maintain blood pressure, muscle tension, pupil dilation, pulse rate and skin temperature. Different scents have different effects on our mind and body. Some help you ease stress and relax like lavender-scented candles, while others like peppermint and spicy vanilla-scented diffusers significantly uplift your mood and battle fatigue with their invigorating properties.

The brand currently boasts an expansive product range of scented candles, diffusers, room sprays, wax melts and so much more. We highly recommend taking a break from your busy schedule and pampering yourself at least once a week with a treat of a massage spa at home with these must-have products from ÌSIMI. All products come in their exquisite six signature scents. To help you get started here’s all you need to know about these products:

  • Luxury Scented Candle – Black Cherry & Fig: This luxury scented candle is denoted by the deep sensual mix of black cherry and fig, giving it a full-bodied, fruity carry. Hand-made using eco-friendly and vegan-friendly soy wax for improved scents, alongside the blend of some of the finest essential oils, this candle encourages a sense of wellbeing associated with relaxation. A classic high-quality fragrance.

  •  Reed Diffuser – Pine & Peppermint: This luxury diffuser adds an elegant touch to any space, characterised by a sleek, minimal design. The exclusive blends contain a high concentration of perfume and essential oils, making them last longer. This diffuser features the complimentary blended notes of peppermint and pine sylvestris, resulting in a cool and fresh release of fragrance to any roo
  •  Deluxe Room Spray – Black Cherry & Fig: This product was created with the “Habit” side of the brand in mind. The intention is to offer these unique scent blends in a functional way so as not to limit them to personal spaces. The soothing and calming properties of cherry essential oils make it an attractive addition to any space, creating a sense of centredness and intentional wellbeing.

  • Wax Melts – Jasmine & Cedarwood: These luxurious and calming wax melts are an ambient and natural way to fill a room with fragrance. They are handcrafted using soy wax and the finest essential and fragrance oils and are designed for use with traditional oil burners. This luxury wax melt combines the warm and sweet romance of jasmine with the robust and calming essence of cedarwood.


  • Scented Candle – Peach & Pear: According to Kore, this is the brands most zestful fragrance and with its citrus undertones, it adds a boost of freshness and vitality wherever it’s placed. Made with the finest quality soy wax, they are blended and hand-poured locally. Using natural wax ensures that the throw of the candles is consistent and far-reaching, warming the senses and adding to the ambience of the room.

  •  Reed Diffuser – Lavender: Lavender is the brand’s most familiar fragrance owing to its timeless popularity and versatility. With undertones of frankincense and Fuschia, this product teases the senses, leaving the space with a vibrant, uplifting aura.

  • Room Spray – Vanilla & Rose: According to reviews on the brand’s website, this particular product is considered the most romantic fragrance, and rightfully so. The sweetness of the vanilla blended with the rose inspires a sense of happiness, wellbeing and self-love.

  • Wax Melts – Peach & Pear: This fruity fragrance offered as a wax melt reminds one of spring. The freshness of the fragrance and the cosiness of the wax in a burner makes this the perfect addition to any self-care endeavour.

Kore plans in the near future to grow her brand into a one-stop holistic and wellness brand, where customers will be able to find everything they need to be self-inclined in their homes and more positive with their habits. With that, she hopes to increase the current product offering to include bath and skincare products, homeware, apparel, aromatherapy services, a wellness publication and much more. With the way things are so far, we hold no doubt we’ll be seeing all this and much more in no time.

Get your hands on these must-have products and find out about collections and gift sets on www.isimihomeandhabit.com  connect with the brand on Instagram @isimihomeandhabit