Tewa Onasanya, the Publisher, Mindset Stylist and Author of “Rule Your Mind: How to style your mind to live your desire intentionally” is back with her quarterly workshop called The Arise and Rule Your Mind Workshop.

The Arise and Rule Your Mind Workshop is a teaching style learning experience where Tewa takes her team of champions she calls Royals on a journey of self discovery, un-learning and Re-learning principles which will help every individual reprogram their mindset to live the life they really want to lead.
Tewa works with the notion of “Be you transformed by the renewal of your MIND!”
She believes old ways (mindset) cannot open new doors of greatness and 95% of how successful we are is determined by our beliefs and mindset.
Come to the Arise and Rule Your Mind Workshop to unlearn some principles which have created your life experiences today and relearn principles that will help you live the life you desire.
The Arise and Rule Your Mind Workshop is on the 22nd of February 2020 in Stafford.
Early bird Registration is £60 (includes, course materials, tea breaks and the book, Rule your mind.
Early bird registration closes on the 10th of February, tickets are £70 after this date.
You have to get the mindset right first and invest in personal development to get to your next level.
The life you desire also desires you, but you have to arise and Rule your mind.
Click HERE to register.


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