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Its another week, and today, we wil be sharing 10 essential kitchen secrets you need to be aware of.

Trust us, these secrets will save you much time and stress in the kitchen especially when you work all week.

Here they are:

1. Ensuring your eggs are fresh. You know that feeling when you break an egg and you discover that it isn’t fresh? It can be quite disappointing. To avoid this, first place your egg in a cup of water. Fresh eggs sink while bad eggs float.

2. Keeping your vegetables fresh. Before you store your vegetables in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator, line it with paper towels. This will absorb the excess moisture that causes vegetables to rot.

3. Keeping bugs away. If you have problems with little bugs in your kitchen, you can use this trick – slip a bay leaf into a container of flour, pasta or rice. It will repel the bugs.

4. Keeping your vegetables crunchy. If your carrot, celery and other vegetables have lost their crunchiness, what you need to do is to put them in a bowl of ice water along with a slice of raw potato. The limp vegetable will freshen up in no time.

5. Keeping your salt from getting hard. To stop salt from hardening, put rice into your saltshaker or the container where you keep your salt. Rice absorbs condensation that can cause clumps.

6. Dealing with tough meat. It can be a nightmare to cut meat that is tough into pieces for your delicious stew. Try marinating the meat in vinegar, papaya or tomato juice. The enzymes and acids contained in these liquids will combat the toughness of the meat.

7. Making juicing for efficient. Before you juice your citrus fruits, roll them back and forth on your kitchen counter. This will cause the liquids from the segments inside to come out easily.

8. Ripening fruit quickly. If you want your fruit to ripen overnight, place it in a paper bag with an apple. Apples release ethylene gas that hastens the maturing process of other fruits.

9. Cleaning stainless steel. If you have stains on your stainless steel pots or containers, you can use alcohol to get them off easily. Pour a little on a cotton ball and wipe over the problem areas.

10. Restoring a burnt pan. Sometimes food gets burnt and the pot/ pan appears to be irredeemable. To restore the pan, sprinkle the burnt bottom with baking soda, add 4/5 tablespoons of salt, cover the pan with enough water and let it stay overnight. Before washing, scrape the charred remains with a spatula.


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