Lets be honest, between Lagos and New York which city has the best style? In a recent interview with Vogue, Nigerian supermodel Oluchi Onweagba Orlandi compares the fashion sense of  her countrymen to that of the people living in New York.

In the interview she said…

The style of New Yorkers and Nigerians couldn’t be more different. New Yorkers are effortless and cool, while the Nigerian woman is more feminine and embellished. However, we all wear the same accessories:Hermès, Chanel, Céline, Saint Laurent, Givenchy. Lagos women also flaunt their culture unapologetically, even when two women walk in a room with the same outfit and accessories. Where they are from locally has a lot to do with how they style their garments.

Glam readers do you agree with Oluchi’s thoughts?

Source: vogue.com

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