As an award-winning poet, playwright and performer, Lanaire Aderemi has used audio, visual, and written mediums to craft artwork focused on amplifying untold stories. Through her facilitation expertise and experience, she has created workshops and events that equip young creatives with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate often confusing industries.

Her latest project, Story Story Festival, continues in this tradition. Story Story is a three-day digital festival comprising open conversations, commissions and workshops, and culminating in a screening of an evening with verse writer: a documentary by Lanaire Aderemi. The festival aims to amplify the voices of emerging writers, poets, and theatremakers while equipping them with the tools needed to share their stories with the world.

Through workshops led by industry leaders like Wana Udobang, Chinonyerem Odimba, Inua Ellams, and more, Story Story will carry attendees through each step of the storytelling process, educating them on everything from cultivating their voices as storytellers to gaining the funding needed to get their stories out into the world. The festival will close with two film screenings: Call & Response, a short film starring story story’s commissioned artists describing their creative journeys, and an evening with verse writer:
a documentary by Lanaire Aderemi, a behind the scenes look into Lanaire’s creative process as she and her team worked to transform an evening with verse writer from poetry to play.

To register for Story Story festival or learn more about the workshops and speakers, visit