If you do not love jazz music, you might not be much interested in this, but you will definitely be thrilled to know that Nigerian -born Olalekan Babalola, a two-time Grammy Award winner, just released a new single he entitled, “Mr Lakaye” for jazz lovers.

A master in playing the percussion, Lekan Babalola will sate the appetite of his teeming African fans leaving them wanting for more.

What’s more is Lekan will be embarking on a multi-city tour which he tags, Ebo Tour, and will begin at the Somerset Festival, England on June 17th. This coincides with the release of Mr Lakaye.

The Percussion expert explains he got the inspiration of the title from the deity’s Oriki- which means praise, going further to dedicate his new release to Ogun (as expected)- the Yoruba God of Iron.

Mr Lakaye is available on all digital stores, and will become the soundtrack to the artist’s new art installation to honor John William Coltrane, late American jazz artiste.

On the inspiration for the new song,  Lekan explained, “I was born in Lagos, Nigeria, into a Yoruba family. As custodians of Yoruba tradition of Ogun, Oro, Obatala and Ifa, my family taught me first hand Yoruba art and culture. Ogun is the patron of my father’s family.’ The Babalola of Ajibesin compound at Ile-Ogbo, Aiyedire local government of-Osun State, South West Nigeria today.”

Mr Lakaye was produced by Will Angelero, a New York/ United Kingdom-based producer and enlists Lekan Babalola on the co-producer’s credit sheet.

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