We have now reached the second month of the new year. How is 2016 treating you so far? Are you keeping up with the resolutions and promises of renewal you made a month ago? For me, this year already seems promising and I cannot wait to see what else is to come! One of my goals is to be more adventurous, to try something new and go out a lot more. Trying to balance a schedule of studies, work and creative projects is challenging enough, so to throw in a social life as well seemed almost impossible, necessary though it may be.

On one of my escapades through London, a stumbled upon a bar in the heart of Richmond called Encore. For me right now, ambiance is everything, and Encore does not disappoint; it is warm and welcoming with customer service that follows suit. You can imagine my surprise then, when finding a bar I feel comfortable in, to also learn that they offer Kizomba classes (run by Kizomba Nation UK)  on Wednesday evenings from 7pm.

Kizomba is a dance originating from Angola, evolving from the Angolan Semba and fusing Latin Africa in a smooth and sensual routine. It is beautiful and graceful, when done well and has been gaining popularity across London. The Kizomba Nation UKinstructors are persistently encouraging and supportive, they never fall short in giving you commendation and exemplify exactly what you should be doing both as a pair and as an individual. It is not a dance of the head, Kizomba must be felt in the rhythm of the music and the movements of your partner, I overthink everything so I am yet to master this.

I have literally fallen in love with Kizomba and it combines both of my goals into one fluid activity. If you’re wanting to try out something new, it’s a great place to start! With Valentines Day approaching why not take your partner dancing or surprise her/him with some new moves.


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AUTHOR: Ama Badu (Senior Online Editor)

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