We are starting the new year with a fresh and exciting event for January 2020, the “2020 Vision and Living“.

An event focused on leveling up and stepping into your future with a plan and confidence. At this event, we will have a vision board workshop delivered by a PRO, focused on mapping out your dreams and goals, as well as outlining actionable items YOU need to get there. We will also be providing a number of pampering services, to allow you to feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated, so you can continue your week with ease and confidence! This will include free massages, free nail treatments included in the price! Not only that, we will also offer free refreshments and goody bags for all attendees.


This event is specially for;

1. Women who wish to network with other women, in order to build new connections and share ideas,
2. Women interested in becoming more organized and structured in the mid-long term; and
3. Busy moms wishing to indulge in our self-care sessions and get to planning.


There will be opportunity to network with other women, and join our whats-app community to share and learn new ideas on self-care, personal goals and business goals.


Key Event Information:

Date: 25th Jan 2020

Time: 1pm – 5pm

Theme: Visioning & planning workshop + self-care services

Price: £15

Location: The Book Club, Shoreditch, EC2A 4RH


The “2020 Vision and Living” is organized by  Love Your Beauty brand, founded in order to help women cultivate self-love, helping them live their best lives and fulfill aspirations.

Too many women downplay their abilities and doubt themselves, which puts them at the back of the list for job promotions, prevent them from moving forward in personal situations and end up living unhappy lives that are not fulfilling in any shape or form.

We believe that self-love is at the center of it all, and when you take care of yourself, remind yourself how beautiful you are inside and out, and do the thigs that make YOU happy, the world is YOUR oyster.

Self-love is a journey and there are so many elements that contribute to filling that cup, but we are determined to reach as many sisters as we can, so that no crown is left unpolished!

And when that cup is full, it won’t even matter what the critics say, it becomes background noise with no relevance and disruption caused.

And so, it begins. Women of tomorrow, redefining their stories today.


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