Lamar Odom from Darkness To Light.

Life on the fast lane comes with a prize, American basketball player Lamar Odom had it all in the NBA world at a young age.

Lamar Odom.

Lamar was the star many of the new generation kids looked up to growing up, he marked amazing strides placing him on the list of highest-paid celebrities in the world. He won National Basketball Association Championships in 2019 and 2010 with the Los Angeles Lakers as one of their most valued players, in 2011 he was named NBA Sixth Man Of The Year, he was winning and winning well!

However, things took a different turn in his life when he became addicted to drugs, and not just normal drugs but cocaine, which he was so addicted to, it took over his life completely. One could say he was literally deriving life and satisfaction from it. Lamar’s father was also addicted owing to the fact that he lost his wife when Lamar was only twelve and had to settle on drugs to feel safe. His addiction was so bad, he was rushed to the hospital for passing out completely and had temporary coma.

Lamar Odom and Khloé Kardashian.

In an exclusive interview with ABC which you can watch below, Lamar detailed his story entirely from his marriage to reality TV personality Khloé Kardashian, who he said he feels he owes an apology to because he wasn’t faithful for the six years duration that their marriage lasted for.

Now, Lamar Odom seems to have transformed his life from worst to good or better. He documented his pain to glory in his new memoir titled From Darkness To Light. The memoir opens every single story that was experienced by him.

Lama Odom and Sabrina Parr.

Lamar has heavily credited the transformation to his new reported girlfriend, Sabrina Parr, a health and life coach.

Watch Lamar Odom tell his story below.


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