From chic cape crop tops to loose fitted pants, the latest spring/summer 2016 collection from womenswear brand Merci Me London just might be every contemporary woman’s dream. Creative director of the brand Mercy Ogole who is of Ugandan descent describes ‘Tribe’ the new collection as..


”A collection taking inspiration from the rudimental element of tribes and the idea of nomadism, movement and ease of doing so through clothing. This collection is not about fixing clothes in a set way but rather creating fluidity and flexibility for freedom and expression”

See the entire collection below:




Merci-Me-London-Tribe-17 Merci-Me-London-Tribe-16 Merci-Me-London-Tribe-15 Merci-Me-London-14 Merci-Me-London-13 Merci-Me-London-12 Merci-Me-London-Tribe-11 Merci-Me-London-10 Merci-Me-London--9 Merci-Me-London--8 Merci-Me-London-7 Merci-Me-6 Merci-Me-London-5 Merci-Me-London-4 Merci-Me-3 Merci-Me-2


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