Founded and designed by 23 year old motivated Briana Shanee who relocated from New York city to LA, handpicks each fabric for her pieces and makes sure that each collection is as close as possible to natural skin complexions and tones.

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Matte brand has now been around for just under two years with it just starting off just as an instagram fashion boutique in August 2014, only just 8 months after Briana settled into New York city. Without any education or schooling in fashion design, Briana took her passion and expensive knowledge and made her business into what it is today. “Feel Sexy, turn heads, stand out and be confident”

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The collection features swimwear, dresses, bodysuits and jewellery. She uses woman of colour of all body types to represent her brand. She recently told that it is time for people to realise that black people look really good, as most of her consumers are women of colour, so she connects very well with them. She also mentions that for her recent swimwear shoot, the models she had for the marketing campaign were three black ladies, one hispanic and one indian.

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The brand ships worldwide as i’m sure our readers across the UK and Africa will be extremely happy to hear. Celebrities such as Kim K and Karrueche have been seen wearing the collection!

Check out the site below, you won’t be disappointed!

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