Tammi Lee Clarke founder of Lovable Lashes which launched September 2015 has now released a second and third eyeshadow palette ranging from 35 shimmers and mattes. The young 22 year old has already an eyeshadow palette under her belt ‘Caribbean Spices’ which has sold out more than twice in the last month. The new palettes Dubai Deserts and African Jewels focus more on warm shades such as oranges, warm nudes and browns but still giving you that aspect of festive season with crispy golds and deep pinks.

Dubai Deserts is full of warm coppers, oranges, golds and browns containing 14 extreme pigment eyeshadows and 21 extreme pigment matte shades.


African Jewels palette is inspired by the variety of gems and jewels you can find in Africa. Inclusive of every shade you could possibly need such as pops of purple, green as well as your everyday neutral shades. This palette contains 18 extreme pigmented shimmer tones and 17 extreme pigmented matte colours.

Each palette cost £18.99 with discount codes available on the site.

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