Sungura musician Lucky Kumene is determined to keep his throne in sungura after releasing a good album early this year. Kumene’s second album, “Vape Moyo” has received favourable airplay on local radio stations and he is ecstatic about it. “This second album is definitely better than the first one and I am excited about the improvement. Just to hear my music being played on radio and people voting for it gives me joy,” he said

Lucky Kumene’s album already has hits, “Tariro” and the title track, “Vape Moyo” which are taking turns to be number one and two on Radio Zimbabwe’s top 20 charts.

“It has been months since I released the album and my two songs have not left number one and two. I knew they were good songs, but I never thought they would be this big. The attention that my songs are being given is just overwhelming,” said Lucky Kumene.

The sungura star says he is determined to keep on working hard to maintain the status he has gained within a short period of time.

“I am not stopping. Actually this is only the beginning of something great because I am determined to work even harder so that I do not let down my growing fan base. As an artiste, I have to continue bettering myself and that is exactly what I am doing,” said Kumene.

This is however, not the first time Kumene has dazzled sungura.

His first album titled “Poronki” saw the birth of an instant hit. “Tomutsa Dhewa” which was dedicated to his idol, the late Tongai Moyo.

“I am inspired by the late music legend Tongai Moyo and I just feel like his musical spirit should be celebrated and kept alive,” he said.


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