Holywood actress, Lupita Nyong’o revealed she is done writing a new book called ‘Sulwe’ to be published with Simon & Schuster Books, purely dedicated to educating children of colour to come to have an accepting attitude towards their God-given natural beauty both outside and inside.

‘Sulwe’ means ‘Star’ in Lupita’s native language, Luo’,  tells the story of a 5-year old Kenyan girl with the darkest skin colour in her family, something she is not so proud of and want to find every possible way to lighten her skin, in her mind, that will make people appreciate her more.

However, ‘Sulwe’, embarked on a journey of discovering whether it’s is really okay to be dark skinned coupled with the advice of her mother, she came to the realization of appreciating her self first no matter the colour and that will make others also appreciate her.

The academy-award winning actress, 34,  has never been shy about her skin colour, especially finding herself in Hollywood, she has constantly been an advocate of dark skin and encourage other young ladies to love themselves.

‘Sulwe’ is set to come in January of next year, we are ready for it.

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