I stumbled across an article earlier this week that surprised me;  with all the pressures of the work place, especially on women, yet another one seem to present an issue, makeup. I don’t mean an excessive use of make up, but rather the wearing of it at all.

It appears that over sixty percent of company executives are conscious of when their employees are or are not wearing makeup. Sixty seven percent of these same employers would not look favourably on their staff engaging within a business meeting without makeup. Worse still, just a little under seventy percent of employers would not be inclined to hire a potential candidate if she came into the interview bare faced. The result? Over ninety eight percent of women would not attend an interview without make up on. 

These numbers are surprising! Whilst it is true that for most women makeup provides an element of confidence, it is not the only source, nor is it a universal rule. I can accept the need to wear makeup in some professons, before I book a makeup artist I  need to see a portfolio of her previous clients and her/his ability to work on the canvas of her/his own face (for any of you who have objections, would you seek dental advice from a person without teeth?). But these statistics goes beyond that.

Is it okay for employer to demand that their female workers wear makeup? Does a woman’s choice to wear makeup correlate with her ability to perform her job? That is really what is at risk here, a woman’s right to choose. In the evolving society of 2016, with the lines on gender becoming more and more blurred, how long can such misogynyisticly based thinking continue?

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AUTHOR: Ama Badu (Senior Online Editor, Acting Features Editor)

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