Anyone with sensitive eyes knows the struggle of applying makeup. If not applied properly, problems such as irritation, redness and itchiness can arise.

Luckily, all of this can be avoided because having sensitive eyes doesn’t mean you don’t have options.

One of the most important tips for applying make up when you have sensitive eyes is regularly cleaning your brushes as using dirty ones (and yes, they’re dirty after every use) can lead to infections.

To clean them use a light soap or shampoo and leave them to dry on a clean cloth or towel.

Always remove makeup

We all have the habit of often being too lazy to remove our makeup after a long night. But if you’ve got sensitive eyes, it’s a must. Always make sure you remove your makeup using a gentle cleanser. This also protects your eyes from infections.

Replace your products frequently

Throwing away makeup that you haven’t used up isn’t nice, but doing so can help your sensitive eyes. There is always the risk of bacteria getting into your makeup products even when they have been kept clean.

According to All You, makeup products should be cleaned every 3 months and eye shadows needs to be tossed every 2 years in order to avoid nasty infections from expired makeup. So replace your products, especially eye products, regularly in order to avoid pain and misery.