What would you do when after five years of marriage you find out your spouse, with whom you have three kids, is homosexual?

Lilian’s Couch hosted by Lilian Afegbai, broached the topic this week ad asked the question: why live a lie?

In a world where we add more alphabets to what started out as the LGBT movement for inclusion of different sexual orientations, it has become trickier to just meet someone, fall in love, get married, and live happily ever after as a heterosexual person. And as unconventional as it is, it has become more common for people to discover years later that their significant other has actually been holding back a piece of themselves, one that will fundamentally destroy the partnership.

In her episode, Lilian talks about a friend who’s husband packed up and left the home after she discovered the deception; no discussion, no explanation, no promises to work it out.

Watch the episode below:

A similar saga that was splattered all over international news was that of Kris Jenner and her husband Bruce, now known as Caitlyn Jenner. After sharing 10 children between them and over 23 years of marriage, Bruce Jenner announced to the world that he would be going under gender transformation and will live off the rest of his (or her) life as a woman interested in males. The story caused much speculation, tabloid and even a television exodus by the Kardashian Klan as they dealt with the news. Needless to say shortly after, Kris and Bruce confirmed that they were in divorce proceedings and that the 2-decade long marriage was now over.

Opening up the discussion on deception, Lilian speaks about secretive partners who live lifestyles that go against the sanctimony of marriage and christianity. Taking it further, we’d like to explore the emotional, physical and mental trauma that the kind of shock and heartbreak of discovering that your partner is homosexual takes. Is it different to discovering that they have been cheating hetrosexually, a deception that most African cultures would promote to forgive and work out for the sake of unity in the family. Would you compare this kind of deception to discovering that your partner has contracted a high-risk STD or do each of the issues live in very separate emotional planes?

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