Johannesburg had their ninth annual contemporary art fair. This year’s fair focused on East Africa and featured artist’s such as Maurice Mbikayi, Chikonzero Chazunguza, Dennis Muraguri, Ange Sita Swana and Paul Ndema. Each image puts a spotlight on an issue or moment in our society or in different parts of the world.

Modern Shepard by Maurice Mbikayi

Maurice looks at technology and how it is affecting our lives. The sheep represents us, as people, just following along with the trend of new technology without asking any questions about how technology is made and who is behind it all. The man represents the economic power running the technology industry,

Akin to Grass by Chikonzero Chazunguza

Chikonzero Chazunguza aim with this image was to show that no matter how much hardship or persecution any nation of people go through, they will always have a resilience to survive in them. He took a photo in Namibia of the Herero people while their land was under siege. Removing their bodies (leaving the area white) and only leaving in their limbs shows a sign of healing for the people.

Matatu Dots by Dennis Muraguri

Dennie Muraguri grew up in Nairobi and saw and loved these Matatu’s (mini bus) throughout his life especially the more decorated and eccentric they were. This was inspiration while he was growing up especially as there was little visibility of art in Kenya during his childhood.

Gender Bender by Ange Sita Swana

The image is of a transgender woman who stands proud and confident of who she is. Ange Sita Swana explores intimacy and sexuality and the “criminalisation of womens and queer bodies”. This shows that her and her body should be respected and not judged just because she is a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Girls That Love Jesus by Paul Ndema

Paul Ndema explores the hypocrisy of corrupt churches in religion and the “control that Christianity has over so many people”. His work is all satire.

Art has been a voice for people for centuries now and it is great that African artists are getting a spotlight on their work and thereby on the issue or moment they want to be discussed.

Which piece of art is you favorite, Glam Squad?

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AUTHOR: Dadawele Mniki (Online Writer)

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