23 year-old Nigerian artist, Yasmin Idris, uses Afrofuturist visuals to conceptualise the African Renaissance in the New Age Matrix Fashion Film/Trailer.

New Age Matrix is an Afrofuturist tale inspired by the original Matrix trilogy, that uses a range of creative mediums to urge Africans to take back their power. The protagonist is given the chance to do this in one of two ways; by going back through history and uncovering ancestral secrets or unlocking a new level of consciousness.

The Fashion Film is Phase 1 of a 6-part multidisciplinary series from Yasmin’s art practice MaybeArt. Her practice involves using storytelling to decompose colonial nuances embedded in Nigerian culture with the use of Afrofuturism, which she will continue to explore during her MA Fine Art course at CSM in Fall 2021.

In this Phase, Yasmin acts as the creative director, director and producer. Making use of the multidisciplinary nature of her artistry, her role also included handcrafting masks, jewellery and props while working in collaboration with Arewa Signature and Calle Coral to create an empowering visual narrative that underscores Black beauty & African culture in the alternate universe.

The artist wanted to push boundaries and experiment with this avant-garde vision, supported by Rachel Nzegwu as assistant director and featuring the creative talents of Ade Adeyemi as cinematographer, Sophia Oke as fashion designer, UAL alumni Terna Jogo as photographer and Katherine Zuleta Gil and Agata Makuch, as makeup artists. Also featuring some pieces from Myril Jewels. Faces such as Seyi Alawode, GJtheCaesar, Aba Shokunbi, Esther Akpovi, and Ayüü will be seen in the film.

New Age Matrix is supported by the Arts Council National Lottery Grant.