Music runs in the family of pop Barbadian born American pop superstar, Rihanna as her father, Ronald Fenty is also keen on monitoring new British based singer/songwriter, M4GYVER also known as M4 into the limelight or better still to the apex of the music chain just like his daughter. Ronald too interests in the works of M4 when he (M4) first launched his 2017 album in Huddersfield in the United Kingdom.

Therefore, Ronald has been working behind the scenes with M4, providing him with plenty of encouragement and pieces of advice on how to write a great song and insights on the best practice to him navigate the music industry without failure.

Here’s a bit of background on M4:

M4’s real name is Mark Mullings, he emigrated to the United Kingdom from Jamaica in 2010 to seek wider opportunities for his burgeoning music and better is life as a person. He later went on to enrol in the British Army where he served eight years in the Duke Of Wellington Regiment and two tours serving in Iraq. HIs involvement in vital peacekeeping missions gave him deeper insight into the life and was the catalyst for his songwriting career.

His 2018 album contains songs written to inspire his fans and also encourage up and coming artists to stay focused on their musical dreams. M4 is working with Michelle and Sandra from C&D Artist Management to help with the elevation of his career.


Other artists, He Has worked with so far:

M4 has already worked with some talented artists as part of his work with the band Ashanti, and together they have joined forces with some the biggest Reggae stars in the business including Beanie Man, Yassus Affari, Tony Rebel, Terry Linen, Professor Nuts and Bounty Killer, to name but a few.

Projects he plans to work to benefit society:

In light of the recent influx of gun and knife crime in the UK, M4 also plans to visit schools in London to give inspirational talks to students about his own personal struggles, journey and his determination within the music industry.

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