Buying goods made in Africa should definitely be on everyone’s priority list. Meet Martins Onwuntalobi, a young CEO of a budding shoe company named Obagoo Bespoke Footwear.

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The Naija boy recently revealed in an interview with kemimobuse (a digital platform) that….

”I plan on changing the antique look of bespoke footwear and making it into the new fashion styles that are trending. My concept will be unique on its own and I will not limit to just Nigerian consumers. Presently, I have started drawing the attention of the US and UK market, this alone is a sign of encouragement.”

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Martins love for creativity started at a very young age, apparently at the age of 10, the young business owner built himself a remote controlled toy car, impressive right?

Take a look a more images from Obagoo Bespoke Footwear

-Obagoo Bespoke Footwear Obagoo Bespoke Footwear-3 Obagoo Bespoke Footwea

Obagoo Bespoke Footwear-1










You can reach the brand via:

Bbm: 5EE805C6

Whatsapp: +234 8033157230

Instagram: @obagoo_bespoke





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